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3 day meditation journey to unlock and activate your Mystic Brain.

Service Description

In this 3 day meditation journey, you will learn about 3 of the 7 pleasure molecules and how you can unlock the first three and start achieving the benefits of the MYSTIC Brain. Meditation can help you relax, but there is more to this. Meditation can help you reach ecstatic states experienced by mystics and those in flow. Every emotion is associated with a particular molecule. Unlike the average spiritual program, there are no secret or mysterious arts to get confused by. This meditation workshop is stripped of all unnecessary accessories, so only what truly works is retained and amplified. I will use the KISS strategy: Keep It Super Simple! As you integrate each neurochemical (process affecting the nervous system) in your brain, you will experience a particular “felt sense” in your body. My intention is to raise our vibration together so we can feel this sensation and pleasure molecules running through our bodies. You will receive: - Guide to the Mystic Brain meditation - The symbol chart - The 7 pleasure molecule food boosters - 3 days of LIVE guided meditation Preparation: - Schedule 3 days in the morning of minimum 35 minutes - Try to eat light three days before the mystic brain meditation - Limit your consumption of animal products 3 days before the workshop - Have a bottle of water - Have a good sleep a day before the meditation - Best to start on an empty stomach (can drink water, coffee or tea before) - Limit your cell phone before you start the meditations - Wear comfortable clothes - This meditations can be best done seated with your feet grounded - Have a journal and pen to write down your experience right after the meditation

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Piedra Plat 124d, Santa Cruz, Aruba