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  • BE the CEO of your LIFE!
    vr 03 mrt.
    Location is TBD
    03 mrt. 18:00 – 01 apr. 21:00
    Location is TBD
    This 30-day challenge is for those who have recently been challenged and experienced a so-called BREAK-U (sadness due to failed relationship, dissatisfaction in work or dismissal from job, conflict with family/friends, self-confidence issues, burned out or simply stuck on their life path.


Marlon Moore 

…brings the intention of creation and awareness of being “alive” through living a holistic healthy and happy life while taking care of your responsibilities whether it is as a father, a partner, a brother, a son, a neighbor, etc.….


Marlon has spent the past 5 years gathering love and strength for his own healing transformation. Now it is time to continue his voyage for the co-creation of this sacred space allowing men to open up, express themselves and transform through Men's Leadership, Shadow Work, Emotional Healing, Breathwork, Meditation, Active Listening, Health and Nutrition, Yoga, Weight Training, Life Strategy, Spiritual Awareness, Plant Medicines (Ayahuasca), Love and Forgiveness.


After losing everything that he taught was important in his life, like a job, marriage, house and connection with his children he taught that life did not make any more sense. However on the day before his 39th birthday he decided to choose to be alive and be present for his children, but most importantly for HIMSELF. Marlon made an agreement to serve life (BIDA) and all that grows within it. From this commitment, he brings energetical rising vibrations to human encounters while still being a student of the unknown.


Marlon has previously held financial accounting and strategic analytical roles in the corporate world, but he is also a kids yoga teacher, passionate hike and tribal dance lover and designer of the ‘Mindful Dining Experience’ and more importantly a devoted father of two young boys.


Marlon has chosen this path of facilitating men's work to help restore the father archetype on this planet. He has had the honor and privilege to study and train with mentors in business, entrepreneurship, energy and enlightenment, yoga, meditation and public speaking world. And wish to provide this knowledge to other men and women on their transformational voyage but also learn from fellow brothers and sisters choosing to join this spirit warrior journey.


How I Can serve You

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