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Upcoming Events

  • Adventure Nature Walk
    Multiple Dates
    za 17 jun.
    Location is TBD
    Restore Balance. Most children have technology (phones), school and extracurricular activities covered. It's time to add a scoop of adventure, a handful of outdoor play and sprinkled with some sunshine.


Marlon Moore is a multifaceted individual who has expertise in various fields. He is a meditation facilitator, helping people achieve inner peace and balance through guided meditation sessions. Additionally, he is a mindful chef, creating delicious and healthy meals using sustainable and organic ingredients. He is also an avid nature walker, taking people on nature walks to connect with the environment and experience the healing benefits of being in nature.

Marlon is a free dancer, using movement as a way to express himself and connect with the vibration of his body. He is also a thinker, always exploring new ideas and perspectives to expand his knowledge and understanding of the world.

In addition to his personal pursuits, Marlon is a wealth generator, helping individuals achieve financial success through his expertise in finance and his Masters in Strategic Management. He is a public speaker, sharing his knowledge and experiences with others to inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. He also has a coach program a few times a year, providing guidance and support to individuals who are seeking personal, spiritual or professional development.

Finally, Marlon is a spirit warrior, using his spiritual practices to connect with his inner self and guide others on their own spiritual journeys. Overall, Marlon is a well-rounded individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences, making him a valuable asset to any community or organization.


How I Can serve You

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  • Enjoy a mindful experience with healthy food & vegetarian options

    Sun2 hr
    66 US dollars
  • 1 day meditation journey to unlock and activate your Mystic Brain.

    1 hr 30 min
    30 US dollars
  • Recharge your mind body and soul

    2 hr
    30 US dollars

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